Kyle M. Scott

After being a gamer for over an eternity, Kyle now shares his thoughts on the gaming industry with everyone on GameHacker. Besides gaming, he's also passionate about tech, movies, and awesome beards, just like the one he owns.

Game Of War: Fire Age Cheats – Use an Online Hack Tool to Get GOLD

It’s hard not to try a game when you know that Kate Upton participated in advertising it. The last couple of years saw an incredible trend of strategy simulation games appearing on the mobile market and Machine Zone wanted a slice of that cake, so they released Game of War: Fire Age. The first thing they decided was to invest loads into marketing and get a celebrity endorsement. Combining Miss Upt...[Read More]

Mobile Strike Hacks And Cheats Provide Free Gold And VIP Level Points

A lot of patience is needed to advance in Mobile Strike at a reasonable pace because there are five different resources and at least one of them will be scarce at any given moment. Machine Zone is not very subtle when it comes to suggesting that the quick way forward is buying gold. Furthermore, the game uses every opportunity to let you know that it’s the right time to invest some real cash. Fran...[Read More]

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