Empires and Puzzles Hacks, Cheats and Tips – Acquire All The Gems You Need

Empires and Puzzles Hacks and Cheats

It has been a while since we have seen a game as interesting and deep as Empires & Puzzles. The release combines several different genres. Although it is a match-three game at its core, there are also collectable cards, as well as the elements of the base building. It is incredibly easy to get hooked to the game and start playing for hours every day. However, just as with all others freemium titles, eventually grinding will become an obstacle that you cannot pass.

Even if you are the best player in the world, the lack of resources will stop you from progressing. One way of overcoming that is to invest real money into securing some more gems, but did you know that there is a free alternative? If you are interested in Empires & Puzzles hacks, cheats, tips, and tricks, this is definitely the article for you. Take a look at several solutions offered below and choose the right one for you.

Empires and Puzzles Online Cheat Tool

This is a type of hack that players use most frequently because the process takes only a couple of minutes and works on any device, which means that it supports both iOS and Android versions of the game. Furthermore, the process is exactly the same and we will try to explain it in the following paragraph.

The Empires & Puzzles online cheat tool is more of a generator and it is located on this website. The crucial thing to remember is that the entire process is online-based and there is no need to download anything to your device. If you were afraid that you might harm your phone, this is a method that keeps things completely safe. You do not even have to enter any personal information apart from your in-game username. Alternatively, you can enter the e-mail that you use as the default one on your phone.

Next, notice a slider where you get to choose how many gems you need. Every time you run the generator you will be able to add up to 10,000 gems. Want to hear some great news? You can use the Empires & Puzzles cheat tool as many times as you like! However, there is one thing that we want you to pay your attention to. The developers are monitoring the game and if they notice suspicious activity they may suspend your account for a while or indefinitely. The best way to avoid this is not to run the generator more than once every day, which should still secure almost unlimited gems for your needs.

Once you entered your username and chose the desired amount of resources, click on “Generate” and be patient for a minute or two. The software will connect to the server, bypass the security checks and add gems to your account. After this, you can use them immediately and in any way you like!

Empires and Puzzles Android APK Hack

Android users have an alternative Empires & Puzzles APK hacks available for their devices. This is actually a modified installation file of the game that secures unlimited resources at any moment. The greatest advantage of this hack is that you do not have to run any kind of tools or generators to add gems. Instead, you will have them automatically at your disposal. The process of installing might last a little longer, but the important thing is that it is entirely safe. All the files are scanned, checked, and completely free of malware, which means that you can install it on your device.

The first step of the process is to download the Empires & Puzzles Mod APK. We suggest heading to this link directly with your phone as that is a lot easier than downloading to your PC and then moving the APK file to your device. Think of this APK as the installation file for the game, just like EXE is for PC games. Once it is on your phone, just run it and let the installation process finish. Please acknowledge that you need to erase any existing version of Empires & Puzzles on your phone before installing the modified APK. When everything is done, just run the game normally and enjoy unlimited gems from the Android APK hack!

Empires and Puzzles Tips and Tricks

Even if you have unlimited gems at your disposal, there are Empires and Puzzles tips and tricks that may help you, especially if you are a newbie that only decided to play this game for the first time now. Here are some essential things to know about the game.

Choose the Right Elements

If you want to deal double damage, you should aim to hit the enemy with the right element. Here is how it works – light can deal double damage against dark and vice versa, ice can beat fire, but the fire is strong against nature, while nature is best against ice. Each element has its own colour, which will make things easier to remember.

There Is No Drawback to Alliances

They will become available once you upgrade to level four, but as soon as they do, you should take advantage of them. The benefits are huge since you can try to defeat Titans together and earn a huge amount of loot. If you still haven’t found the right alliance for you, you can always check places like Reddit and look for one.

Do Not Forget the Daily Quests

This will become available when you upgrade to level ten but are also a feature that shouldn’t be missed. The reason is simple – they will secure you plenty of loot that you can use for further improvement. Not all quests will be easy, but each and every one will be worth the effort.

The Only Time When You Should Use Autoplay

The problem with this feature is that it uses obvious strategies, which increases the chances of a defeat. The only time when it is acceptable to use autoplay is when you need to grind resources. However, you should make sure to apply this feature only when you already finished a level and you are sure nothing can go wrong. Otherwise, there is no alternative to taking the matters into your hands.

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