Game Of War: Fire Age Cheats – Use an Online Hack Tool to Get GOLD

Game Of War: Fire Age Cheats – Use an Online Hack Tool to Get GOLD

It’s hard not to try a game when you know that Kate Upton participated in advertising it. The last couple of years saw an incredible trend of strategy simulation games appearing on the mobile market and Machine Zone wanted a slice of that cake, so they released Game of War: Fire Age. The first thing they decided was to invest loads into marketing and get a celebrity endorsement. Combining Miss Upton with a name that (intentionally) reminds of the Game of Thrones was an excellent decision because it attracted unbelievable hype before the release. The bad part of all this money invested in the game is that it also made it the most pay-to-win game. That’s why we’ll be talking about the available Game of War cheats as well.

By using the successful formula of many modern games the game got the monetization system to work on their side much more than on the users. If you plan on getting serious with this game you are going to have to invest lots of cash. The game relies on many many upgrades to buildings, troops, heroes and many others as well as unlockables that require gold. The VIP levels reached unimaginable levels and there are players who literally spent millions of dollars on the game. To resolve this issue, we suggest that you check out a Game Of War hack. That will get you as much gold as you need to build the empire you want. All of this with no money spent.

So if you’re interested in getting free gold, then you can use the button below to access one of these cheats for Game Of War. The process is very simple and doesn’t take too long. But we shall talk more about it later on, for now, let’s focus a bit on the game.


Game Of War Gold

VIP 310 using Game of War Hacks

The Gameplay Is Straight from the Books

The graphics can be incredible, but what truly makes any game fantastic is gameplay and addictiveness. In that aspect, GoW tries to use a familiar formula of empire building. At the beginning of the game, you will get a large field to build your structures. On that area, you will construct your base which will provide various resources, as well as units for the battle.

There are various buildings can be built, but they all come down to two basic categories. One of them is generating units for the combat and defending your base, while the other structures are used to gather resources. Just like with similar releases, you can upgrade each of the structures so that they deliver better results. They share one thing, they all cost a fortune later in the game. That’s why having a Game of War hack at your disposal is a must. Or a couple thousand dollars can also do if you’ve got that much to spend on a game.

The Quests System

There are three different types of quests in Game of War: Empire, Daily, and Alliance. The Empire Quests are typical for this genre, and they contain a set of conditions you need to fulfill. In most cases, you will need to build or upgrade a particular building or improve a specified unit.

The other two quest types are far more interesting because they don’t look quite as usual. Daily quests are nothing but time-sensitive quests that generate some valuable experience points for your character and significant resources. As for the Alliance category, you conduct these quests together with the members of your clan (more about that option later). Aside from resources and experience points, Alliance quests also secure loyalty points for your group.

All the quests are divided into several subcategories, from basic to legendary. Depending on their level, they offer more rewards, but they also take more time to complete. The bad news is that it seems the random factor decides when you will unlock the quests of a higher level. That random factor disappears though when you have the gold. Which you can easily acquire by using the right Game Of War: Fire Age cheats.

How to (Not) Equip Your Hero

The game neatly uses the experience points you gather for your hero by completing quests. You have the option of securing a military or resource boost for your character, which might be the first unique feature I noticed in the Machine Zone’s game.

There is also a bunch of items you can use to equip your hero and prepare him for the fight. The problem is that there are loads of options and every single one of them requires real money! There are two ways of acquiring items – purchasing them directly or buying the material needed to craft them from the store. But don’t worry, you are not screwed if you don’t want to spend real cash because as I said before, we’ll be talking more of the Game Of War hack tool in this article.

On to the Battlefield!

That should cover what happens on the home front, which means that we move on to the battlefield now. A reliable and exciting combat system should be the core of this genre, but the developers didn’t seem to know that.

Before you even head into battle, you need to make sure that your base is secured because you can be attacked at any moment. Once you’ve taken care of that, you can attack neighboring cities for fame and loot. Before starting the battle, it is recommended to scour the area and see if you are fit for attacking that particular enemy. If you deem that you can defeat them, let’s start the offensive!

It’s only exciting when you try to imagine it. In reality, the Game of War battle system is usual and a bit annoying. Your task comes down to placing your units and watching how the fight will unfold. Yes, you can adjust your troops by the information you gathered from scouting the area, but it still feels like there is a strategy element lacking here.

Alliances Are Crucial And Fun

The game seems to focus on the social experience and maximizes this area. There are loads of benefits for you if you join a guild or create one, as long as you make sure that it is active. If you want to reach the highest level on the ranking list, it’s much easier to do that with the help of other members of your group.

For example, each of the buildings has timers and a certain period is needed to finish the construction. However, if your alliance members help you, they can significantly decrease the time required to build the structure. If your group is active, you can reap the benefits of playing together while having some fun chatting in the alliance chat. This is another reason so many players put loads of money into the game or choose to use a Game of War hack. They want to become the best among their allies, and they also want to help their alliance.  An incredibly neat feature is that the conversation is automatically translated so that you can understand what people from other countries are writing. And if you encounter a word that the game doesn’t read, offer a translation, and you can earn rewards.

Packed Interface, but the Graphics Looks Cool

Game of War might be the greatest looking game in the genre. It’s enjoying to watch your base from the top-down perspective and to zoom in and see those little guys conducting your orders. The quality of graphics is so high that it reminds of some PC titles despite being ‘only’ a mobile game.

However, the interface is a bit packed with information and various icons. That is why it is recommended to play with a bigger screen and newer phone models so that you can have a better overview of everything that is happening.

Using The Game Of War Cheats

Accessing and using the generator is a very easy task. You won’t have to download anything and you won’t have to root, mod or jailbreak your phone. It is true that there are some Game of War hack APKs out there, but this is not one of them. This particular only requires an internet connection and a web browser, so it works on iOS, Android, Windows, and any OS that has a browser. It’s also worth mentioning that this is probably one of the most secure releases, with no accounts being banned so far. Below you can see how the Game Of War: Fire Age cheats look like, they have a very user-friendly interface.

Game of War Cheats

Game of War Cheats Login Window

This is the best tool you can get if you’re looking to acquire unlimited gold and resources in the game. You should make use of it now, while you still can. Feel free to share it with your friends and with your alliance members so that you can all get powerful together.  There are no restrictions to using it, no limits.

Game Of War hack

Adding gold using the Game Of War hack

Since nobody cares what happens under the hood and tries to abuse the system, the developers came up with an anti-robot verification. At first, you will be required to complete the Google ReCaptcha box and pass through. Secondly, you will need to complete a survey to be 100% sure that you are a real person. Don’t blame us if this is too annoying for you. Instead, think that these Game Of War cheats cannot be abused by some mediocre programmers.

Game of War Tips and Tricks

Although I understand how fun it can be to have unlimited gold to spend on various items, I prefer to use tips and tricks I discover in the game. Here are some of the things I learned while playing the game:

  • Don’t waste your time – aside from gold, time might be the scarcest resource. That is why you shouldn’t hesitate to maximize its use. Whenever you have a free slot, make sure that something is happening. Build new structures and upgrade them or train your troops; choose anything you like as long as you maximize the time used
  • The best way to start – according to the experts, the thing to do when beginning the game is to build two of each building that produces resources (mines, farms, quarries, etc.) Next, use the gold you have at the start to upgrade them to level 3. That way you will secure that you have a reliable resource pool

If you are looking for more tips, I suggest you visit Game of War Real Tips website. You have a bunch of guides available there, as well as the news that will help you be informed of all the changes around the game.

Final Words

Game of War is a solid release in the empire building genre and nothing more than that. While it’s enjoying to play with your alliance teammates actively, the game lacks something unique that will be the selling point. Aside from that, there is an apparent pay-to-win model involved, which makes it annoying to play sometimes.

There are two ways around this issue; the first one is to pay a lot of money, just like the guy who spent (someone else’s) million on the game. The alternative is to use the Game of War cheats that can get you the same amount of gold but for free.

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