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Monster Legends

Playing Monster Legends on your mobile is a massive source of entertainment. It is hard to find the individual who doesn’t like to play the game in his or her free time. Breeding and raising your monster is pretty great but there is nothing more satisfactory than winning a battle. The game is based on collecting different types of monsters and using virtual resources like gold, gems, and food to boost their unique skills. The downside though, is that you’ll need to either spend money or find a working Monster Legends hack in order to properly progress.

You are required to apply an effective strategy in order to make progress in the game as raising monsters will always remain a daunting task. The huge challenge is to collect more and more resources as you progress. Surely, if you have the spare money to spend you can look for the option of in-app purchase and get all the required resources with real money. On the other hand, if you are not interested in investing the money and effort to gain these resources, just go for the Monster Legends cheats. You can use the button below to access it, otherwise, you can keep on reading to learn more about it and the game.


Monster Legends Cheats

Monster Legends Hack Features

  1. Unlimited Virtual Resources – How much time have you invested in gaining just a few gems? The ultimate solution to this only comes in the form of a generator. Unlimited gems, gold, and food become available to you. All that is left for you to do is to use them wisely.
  2. Works Smoothly On All Devices – Most of the hack tools come with compatibility issues. The online generator revealed here will work smoothly on all devices and get you the required resources instantly. No matter what type of gaming platform and browser you use, the tool will achieve desired outcomes on each occasion.
  3. Regular Updates – Coders keep will keep on working on the Monster Legends hack for the time being. So regular updates will roll out in order for the users to be able to get free gems.
  4. Free of Cost – The tool is free to use by anyone, there are no restrictions with it, but it does have a verification system. Yes, there are other ways to get gems with no survey, but they may not work.
  5. Easy To Use – Even gamers who don’t have any coding or hacking knowledge can easily use the generator. You are just asked to follow a few simple instructions and rest of the job is successfully completed by the algorithm.
  6. Complete Protection – Both your gaming device and gaming account receive complete protection while using the online generator. There are no worries of viruses hurting your gaming device and the anti-ban protection will solve any banning issues.
  7. No Jailbreak – There is no jailbreak, root or apk mod required in order to use the generator.

The Monster Legends hack is the best way to acquire huge amounts of gems and gold in no time. You can see how it looks in the screenshot below.

Monster Legends Gems

Monster Legends Review

Let’s get one thing straight – Pokemons are great. Although I didn’t play any games with Pikachu and friends except for a short spell of Pokemon Go, I can’t deny that it’s a successful franchise and one of the best characters Nintendo ever created (after Super Mario, of course). Once they noticed Pikachu’s popularity, many developers from around the world tried to create something similar to rub off players and earn some cash themselves.

Some of those games are blatant copies that don’t deserve a second of your time. The others are, however, decent enough to offer something enjoyable, if not original. That would be a summary of Monster Legends, a new game you can download for free from the Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Who Needs a Plot Anyway?

If you expected some plot in the game, well, you made a big mistake. Once you head to the description page in the game store the developers offer the explanation that you need to breed the ultimate monster-fighting force and lead them to battles that will make you the next best monster master. That’s the only story this game has and the only that you are going to need because the focus is on playing itself. Remember War Robots? It didn’t have a plot either, and it is just as good as this game.

Monster Legends starts with getting your very first kid…err, monster. All the weird creatures in this game hatch, so in the beginning, you will have one egg and one monster at your disposal. Once you become the proud dad (or mom) of your first creature, you will need to secure him a place to live in and feed it regularly. Your monsters will require you to spend time getting food for them (it is grown on farms and needs some gold, which is the primary in-game currency, to grow). They are not completely generic, considering that they come with unique names (like Lola). Also, as the time goes, they will physically grow, so you can follow your baby monster as it develops from the infant to a strong young man…err, creature. And then you can turn in into the ultimate creature, using the Monster Legends hack.

Monster Types

Monsters of different types are present in the game. Although the developers claim that they are a breed of various elements, you will also have thunder which is technically not an element, but let’s not get into details now. Anyway, you will have different categories of monsters and depending on that they will have a particular habitat to live in and unique special abilities. All this opens a beautiful possibility of mixing the monsters for your goals. For example, you take a creature from the category of fire and one from the Earth type. As a result, you’ve created a new species that can adapt to life in the surroundings fit for either Fire or Earth and has special abilities related to both elements. We’ve encountered the same system when we talked about the Dragon City hack.

Aside from that, Monster Legends is a liberal game and doesn’t judge people for who they love, so there are no genders involved when it comes to mating.

There is more stuff to do before you get into battle. In your habitat, you need to clear up the land, including, trees, rocks, and meteorites. That will make room for more structures, but you will also need to upgrade the habitat from time to time. Farms that produce food will also need upgrading, and both structures require both time and gold. The latter one might become a problem as you progress through the game, considering that the pace of advancing gets slower and tougher along the way. But the solution for that is using a Monster Legends hack, as it is fast and easy.

Bad Monsters, Bad!

You will need a couple of monsters to start fighting finally. Once you feel you are ready, use your airship to transfer them to islands where they will battle some bad monsters. As for the combat itself, you should select the abilities and attacks your monster will use. You can see a meter showing you the order your fighter will perform these moves.

The variety of moves is pretty much what you are used to in games like this. Fortunately, special attacks and abilities do stir things up a bit. The whole dynamic of whether your attack will work depends on the elements. It’s the basic rock-paper-scissors system, so if you see that a fire attack is not functioning, it might be a good idea to try with a thunder move. You should check out a Monster Legends breeding guide in order to learn more about this. That is where the mutant monsters you create will come in handy, especially if you need to fight a tough boss. You can also play in special and limited-time events that can get you some cool collectables. And that’s why searching for tips, tricks and Monster Legends cheats is important. Because that way you’ll be able to overcome your opponents.

Battles And Experience

Battles will spend stamina, but victories will earn you and your fighter experience points. Every time you win, you will also have the chance of spinning the wheel for a random reward in resources or gold. There is an RPG system of upgrading the monsters involved. To level up your favourite creatures, you will need food and experience points. Naturally, moving them up through the levels will bring them some neat abilities that might decide the outcome of the battle. The process can speed up by using the Monster Legends hack though.

The multiplayer aspect is present, and you will have the opportunity to test yourself in the arena against other monster masters. You can also become a part of an alliance and join the Team Wars. The worldwide leagues and the leaderboard will show you how good you rank compared to other players from around the world.

Monster Legends Breeding

The most searched things on the Monster Legends Wiki are the breeding tutorials. Everyone wants to know how they can create various monsters and upgrade the ones they own. But what they forget is that all of these things require a lot of resources. And these resources can only be acquired through real money or a lot of grinding. And that’s what makes them go back to searching, but this time for things like working Monster Legends hacks. This is why we decided to make this generator public, as we are sure it will help a lot of people.

Monster Legends Hack

Final Words

Monster Legends is a cute game and nothing more than that. If you like the idea of breeding monsters and pitting them up against their kind, you might enjoy the game. It doesn’t seem that it offers anything new – it’s your regular breed-and-fight game. On the other hand, everything it does provide is adequate, and the content is rich enough to keep things interesting. There are no glitches, the graphics and animations look beautiful, and the battle mechanics are complicated enough. You also have access to the Monster Legends cheats now. So whenever you feel stuck you can use them to keep on progressing.

Social Point, the developer team behind Monster Legends, did seem to make an effort in making the game. It’s a shame that they didn’t try to be more innovative and it’s even bigger shame that at some point it will look like they just want to rip you off for in-game purchases. Those two things are what puts this into the category of average games instead of being amazing.

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