5 Working Methods to Earn or Get Free PSN Codes

Free PSN Codes

If you like multiplayer gaming and you own a PlayStation console, including the latest PS4 Pro, you will need a PSN code if you want to play online. Aside from that, having a subscription will provide you access to additional contents and many other benefits. That means that it’s worth your while having one of these codes, but the problem is that they aren’t cheap. The good news is that there are ways how to get PSN codes for free. We searched the internet up and down, and we discovered five working methods that we will cover in this article.

Benefits of Having a Working PSN Account

First of all, let’s discuss why you need to have a SEN account. Most of the benefits are related to online features of the console. The good news is that just one subscription is enough for all three devices included into PlayStation Network. Your membership will cover playing on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita consoles. Here are some of the things that the subscription provides:

  • Access to playing online – whether you want to play with your friends or challenge other players from around the world, the entire experience of playing online on PlayStation 4 is available to the PSN subscribers
  • Play high-quality games for free – just like Microsoft offers in its Xbox Live membership, Sony also selects a portion of PlayStation releases each month and makes them available for playing. The games in the package change every month and you get the opportunity to play hit releases such as Metal Gear Solid V and others
  • Online cloud for saving games – making sure to continue your favorite game from a certain point can take a considerable portion of your available storage. Having a PSN account provides you with additional gigabytes of space for your saved games
  • Store discounts – if you purchase games, extensions, or equipment, becoming a subscriber will secure your discount of up to 75%

PSN Official Free Trial

We will start with the way that will 100% work for any occasion. Sony secured a free trial for all new members, so if you never had a PSN account before, you can get two weeks of instant access to all the benefits provided by the PlayStation network.

The process is quite simple – just head to the official PlayStation Plus website and register for an account. However, when you do that, keep in mind that the company will ask for your credit card information. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to the safety of your data, considering that Sony is one of the most reputable companies in the world.

However, you should make sure to check your calendar. Once the 14-day trial period expires they will automatically charge you for one of the three membership packages. So, before the two weeks go through, make sure to enter the settings of your account and cancel your subscription. If you fail to do that, you will be charged $9.99 every next month of being a member of the PlayStation Plus.

Earn Free PSN Codes at PointsPrizes

PointsPrizes is a website where you can earn free PSN codes by completing free offers. These offers vary from signing up for newsletters, downloading apps, signing up for sweepstakes and up to doing surveys. However, one thing is a joint component of all of them – they are carefully screened so that your security or safety of your device is not in danger. You won’t encounter situations that they ask for your credit card information or any other sensitive data.

You will simply collect points that will enable you to redeem your free PSN code. It doesn’t even take long. If you thought it would take days to earn enough points, you are far from right. You can collect the expected amount in an hour or two. For example, you get the point for each new member you refer. That means you can get your free PSN codes just by involving members.

Depending on the part of the world where you reside, some offers may differ. However, if you live in Europe or the United States, there is nothing to worry – you will have plenty of suggestions to select. Once you collect enough points, redeem your PlayStation codes in the settings section.

It’s worth noting that PointsPrizes offers a bunch of other prizes besides PSN access, so you can feel free to browse the site and look for what suits you most.

Earn Free PSN Codes at Points2Shop

Points2Shop is another legitimate online rewards website that offers access to PlayStation Network. The site uses points as currency, and your goal is to earn them by participating in surveys, taking quizzes, playing games and stuff like that. The concept is straightforward and, although it will take some time, it is worth your while.

While completing the offers, you might encounter a game you like or a product that might be interesting. The whole process is fun, and you won’t be bored while earning your free PSN code.

Free PSN Code Generator

The quickest way to get a working PlayStation Network code remains to use one of the websites that offer generated and ready to use codes. By using them, you can become a PSN subscriber in a matter of seconds. We have a couple of them to recommend, so let’s not waste any more time:

Media Lateral PlayStation Network Code Generator

The first Free PSN Code Generator is the easiest to use, and it gives you a great chance to earn SEN membership. The good news is that you don’t need to complete any surveys or lose precious minutes by following a complicated process. The only thing that you should do is to head to the website that we linked above.

Once you do that, you will see the “Generate Code” button that you need to click. Upon doing that, a new field will appear with your PSN code in it. The next thing to do is to use your credentials to log into the PlayStation store and use this code.

The downside of this system is that it doesn’t remove codes once they have been used. That means that you could encounter one that isn’t valid anymore. Arm yourself with patience and try repeating the process several times – there are a lot of working PSN codes and you just need to be persistent.

PSNZone Free PSN Codes Generator

The next online tool for generating access to the PlayStation Network is brought to you by PSNZone. They have a three-step process that you need to follow if you want to use the potentials of your console to the max. First, click here to head to the generator located on their site. You will need to select one of the four types of subscriptions offered.

When you find the subscription that sounds fitting for you, you can proceed to the next step. As you can see for yourself, you have some sharing to do now. You have a dozen of social networks to choose from, and you only need to select two of them. That way you help the provider of the free PSN codes to build themselves as a niche authority and increase their social visibility.

Finally, you can proceed to the final step of the process. Here, you will need to complete a survey to get your code to display. The poll won’t take a lot of time, and soon you will be able to use your gift card to redeem your membership.

Many people wonder why PSNZone would provide free subscriptions, which is why the creators tried to explain their motives. According to their website, they earn money by displaying advertisements. However, unlike the previous method we shared that includes randomly generated numbers, they claim that their users are provided legitimate PlayStation Store cards bought directly from the manufacturer.

Free PSN Codes

This website claims that sponsors provide them with a certain amount of PS Network codes each day and that is how they are available to offer them for free. To be honest, it’s not like we care as long the process is working. Take a look at this link and choose the appropriate gift card to use. You will also need to do some sharing as social media visibility is vital to the admins, but you will be minutes away from enjoying the potential of your console to the fullest.

You Should Also Know This

We provided you with five completely legit ways to get or earn free PSN codes. These are not the only methods you can use. There are many others online rewards stores that have the same concept as PointsPrizes or Points2Shop, and you can find dozens of free PlayStation Network code generators. However, you should be very careful when using some of these websites because there are bad guys out there who just want to scam you. But if you are persistent enough and you follow our guide, we are sure that you will find a way to use your online console features and other benefits that a PSN membership provides.

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