Cheats for Royal Revolt 2 – Obtain Gems and Pearls by Hacking

Cheats for Royal Revolt 2 – Obtain Gems and Pearls by Hacking

Mobile games are there to place us in roles that we possibly couldn’t achieve in real lives. We can be astronauts, superheroes, tycoons, but it seems that a kingdom is what most of us want. At least that’s what you would say if you would judge by the number of games like this on the market. Royal Revolt 2 continues that tradition and puts you in the role of the king.

Being a player from the royal class is not easy. You are going to need lots of gems, pearls and the ability to maintain a high rank all the time. To solve this issue many players use things like Royal Revolt 2 cheats. Such tools allow them to get the resources that they need to rule the kingdom. Another game that is also commanding troops against your enemy is Lords Mobile for which we shared some tips, tricks, and cheats as well over here.


Why It Is Good to Be King in Royal Revolt 2

The first time Royal Revolt 2 appeared in app stores was in 2014. Ever since then, the game significantly evolved. Flaregames, the development team behind the release, ironed out many issues in the meantime. As a result, we now have an amazingly addictive title with cute graphics and a couple of interesting twists.

Royal Revolt 2 Gems

Gems Hacked Proof

That being said, you will find a bunch of familiar concepts in it. You will be in charge of your kingdom both during the war and peace periods. When you are not fighting, you need to work on the defense of your castle and improving your army. Once you think they are up for battle, assume your role of the commander in chief and take on other kingdoms.

Battles Make Sense in Royal Revolt 2

To be honest with you, I’m tired of playing mobile games where I spend a lot of time upgrading my troops only to find out that I can’t actively participate in the combat. That is why I incline towards releases that focus on the battle part of the gameplay, just like this one.

The fact that you can take part in the fight is a huge plus for this game. All battles are featured in 3D animation, and your task is to attack the enemy and come out as a winner. You can do that by hacking and slashing, as well as by choosing the right moment to deploy troops and spells. And the best part is that all this is happening in real time.

It’s Like the Opposite of Tower Defense

Royal Revolt 2 can be described as being the opposite of all those tower defense games on the market. Your goal is to conquer the defenses of your opponent. You do this by deploying the waves of your troops strategically until you finally reach the gate of their castle.

The battles are exclusively PvP, which means that you will be fighting other players from around the globe. There is a significant social aspect in this game, but we will get to that later.

Be the Best King of All Kings!

You are a brave commander in chief that doesn’t let his troops go alone onto the battlefield. In fact, you are leading them, and you are the one that can turn the tide of the battle. A king is a singular unit that can become the deciding factor in Royal Revolt 2. You will upgrade skills and spells of your king, which means that you can play the crucial role in your army’s victory.

Royal Revolt 2 King

Conquer your enemies!

Umm, You Can’t Be Attacked If You Are Online

RR 2 offers a unique twist when it comes to combat. You see, there is no way to attack players while they are online. As weird as it sounds, you can only choose to conquer the castles of the enemies that are currently offline. The same thing goes for you, which means that, in theory, you can benefit by playing this game 24/7.

In practice, the concept works. You will use your attacks on winning some gold that you will take to your castle. Then you will get sleepy and rest for a couple of hours. Once you sign in again, you can see what happened in the meantime. The game will show you if anyone attacked you and whether they managed to take some of your gold.

All that leads to the game implementing revenge as an important concept. As soon as you come back online, you can attack the player who stormed your castle while you were offline. It all leads to an incredible feeling of pride when you manage to get your gold back (and take away some more of them). That’s why many players choose to look for Royal Revolt 2 cheats online in order to take down their enemies.

Upgrade Your Castle to Defend Against Others

The concept of revenge also gives you the motivation to boost your defenses and make your castle a real fort. To do this, you can construct mazes, towers, and other obstacles. Improving your defenses will repel the attacks, but it will also be an indicator that it’s not wise to launch a raid against you. When your enemies see your defensive stats, they might give up the idea to attack you.

Royal Revolt 2 Kingdom

Defend your kingdom!

You will also build farms that will produce bread loaves. That is the energy you use to raid other players. You can conduct about four or five attacks every hour with bread rolls provided. Taverns will secure you an additional boost of gold, and you will have various options to improve your army. Of course, the familiar concept of upgrading your buildings to make them stronger is also present.

One Way to Abuse the System is the Royal Revolt 2 Hack

The dynamics of the game prevent anyone from abusing the system implemented. The bread loaves from your farms will enable you several attacks per hour. However, the gold is continually being generated. That means that even if you find that you are completely robbed of your gold when you come back online, you shouldn’t worry. Your defenses will be up and running quickly.

However, it’s obvious that you can build your kingdom quicker if you have more of gems, which are the premium currency. That is a resource that you will win while playing, but not nearly enough as you would like. You can do pretty much anything with gems and speed up any process in the game. Fortunately, the hack for Royal Revolt 2 shared here lets you secure as many gems as pearls as you want.

Royal Revolt 2 Cheats for Unlimited Resources

There are plenty of tools available for this game, the secret is to choose the right one. It is recommended that you go for an online generator, just like the one we shared here. Any Royal Revolt 2 hack that needs to be downloaded or requires APK modding is probably not working. You’ll have to enter your data in any of the tools you use, that’s why you have to be careful. It’s also a must for the hack to have a secure connection using a proxy or anything similar. That’s the safest way to avoid being banned from the game by the developers.

Royal Revolt 2 Hack

First step of the Royal Revolt 2 Hack

The best thing about these tools is that you’ll be able to generate all the pearls and gems you need in a single use.  And even if it happens to spend them all, you can always repeat the process. You can also share this generator with all your friends or use it with multiple accounts. There are pretty much no limits to what you can do.

Royal Revolt 2 Cheats

Third step of the Royal Revolt 2 Hack

You Don’t Have to Choose Between Taverns and Farms

If you decide to use the Royal Revolt 2 cheats, you’ll no longer have to choose between what buildings to build. You will be able to construct any building you want, whenever you want. The same applies when it comes to your army and your defenses. You’ll be able to train any unit that you want and build up your traps and towers the way you always dreamed. All that it takes is to access the generator and follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the generator;
  2. Enter your email or in-game username and select your device;
  3. Choose one of the proxy servers;
  4. Select the amount of pearls and gems that you want along with a subscription(optional);
  5. Wait for the Royal Revolt 2 hack to do its job;
  6. If the process completed successfully, you should have your resources in your account in a few minutes.

Participate in Tournaments and Win Rewards

Royal Revolt 2 also offers time-sensitive competitions (called Leagues) that can bring considerable rewards. The rules are simple – you have a certain amount of time, and you need to get the most gold of all the players participating. There is a leaderboard with all the participants, and once the time expires, rewards are shared among the several ones at the top.

Of course, it’s in your interest to be online as much as possible when participating in a tournament. Fortunately, the connection to the game is stable, which is crucial because you need reliable servers for real-time battles. Because it doesn’t matter if you become the best after using the Royal Revolt 2 cheats if you can’t play the game.

High-Paced Action for All Kings Out There

It’s always nice to have your kingdom, and that is precisely what Royal Revolt 2 offers. The ‘upgrade everything to be better’ concept is familiar from other games, but battles are the selling point of this release. Combat provides real-time action that you actively take part in and influence its outcome. You need to choose when to deploy the troops and spells to knock down the gates of enemies’ castles.

The game also allows you to upgrade the skills of your king, who actively participate in the combat as the commander in chief. He is also your strongest soldier that can turn the tide of the battle. On the defensive end, you need to build towers and other buildings of adequate strength to keep the gold in your treasure room. Overall, it’s a high-paced action strategy that can keep your attention for hours.

Even though there are numerous in-game purchases, the game is free to download and play on Google Play and App Store. And if the lack of gems puts you in difficulty, just remember that you can always use the Royal Revolt 2 hack to overcome anyone.

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