Stronghold Kingdoms Cheats – Gain Unlimited Gold, Crowns and Honour

Stronghold Kingdoms Cheats – Gain Unlimited Gold, Crowns and Honour

The beginning of the century was a golden era for real-time strategies set in the medieval period. One of the gems of the genre was Stronghold, a series that had multiple releases, each better than the previous. Today, we have the opportunity to play Stronghold Kingdoms, the first game of the franchise for the mobile market. The impression I had after playing it for several days is mixed, but the familiar concept and visuals will undoubtedly appeal to the hardcore fans of the series.

Now, the downside of the game is the same as with all the “building” games for mobile. You’ll have to spend a money yourself in order to keep up with those who already do. So today we are sharing this Stronghold Kingdoms hack here in order to help everyone who has this problem. With this online generator, you won’t have to look for any other cheat codes, because it can get you all the resources you need. It requires no download or jailbreaking as it doesn’t use any APK. Runs on any Android, iOS or Windows device and all it needs is mobile data or wireless to be active. You can try it out by using the following button, otherwise, keep on reading to learn more.


Stronghold Kingdoms Crowns

Stronghold Kingdoms Hacked Account

The Stripped Version of Stronghold

I played Stronghold when I was a kid, and there is a smile on my face when I remember the fun I had with it. The single-player missions were challenging, but the multiplayer mode was entertaining. The option to storm and destroy the castles of your friends was what brought the excitement. The good news is that Stronghold Kingdoms holds that online multiplayer concept. In fact, it’s the core of the new mobile release and the graphics and sounds will also look familiar.

Are you ready for the bad news? this is your classic game for mobile devices. It can serve as an example of the freemium formula. Pretty much any action you want to make will take a portion of time to complete. Although that was expected to a certain extent, SK often misuses that and makes the player annoyed. Fortunately, there is an online cheat tool that can help to generate gold and coins. Keep reading to find out how!

Defend Your Hometown in Stronghold Kingdoms

As for the general idea, it is similar to the other games in the series. You still have to construct your castle and build your town. Populating it and creating your defense are your primary goals along with commerce. It offers a twist that will attract many players, and it’s this neat feature that kept me going for a while.

Stronghold Kingdoms is played on the map of the real world. That means that you can select any real country and town where you will build your castle. And that means that you can choose your hometown and construct your fort there. Soon enough, your place of birth will become a force to reckon with and dominate the surrounding area.

The Classic Strategy Concepts Are There

If you have ever played the RTS genre, there are a lot of familiar things you will find in the game. First, you will need to build some structures. It won’t take long before you start breeding animals on farms and trading with towns near you. You will do all that while getting ready to attack the counties that are in your vicinity. Why would you do all that? Well, because you want to make your town the biggest and the prettiest in the entire country and turn it into the capital. It is exactly the same concept used by other games like Game of Thrones Conquest.

All those things are familiar from the Stronghold franchise. Unfortunately, SK is different in one crucial aspect. Each action takes time to complete. For example, you will need 15 minutes to build a woodcutter, not to mention other structures. That takes away the tension significantly, which might be a good thing for those who are looking for a relaxed and calm experience. There is a way around this of course; you can use real cash to invest or try the online hack for unlimited resources in Stronghold Kingdoms provided below.

There Is Plentiful of Content in Stronghold Kingdoms

You will have to think about a lot of things within a game. For starters, you need to make sure that your economy functions properly, which will largely depend on commerce. You should also make sure that people are happy, but the priority should be their safety. It means that you need to prepare your defenses in case there is an attack.

Researching new items and developing new tactics will help you in positioning your city where it belongs. You can send scouts to discover new resources and improve your castle, as well as build new villages. Keep your eye on your city’s rank to prevent someone else from bypassing you and becoming better.

You Might Need to Ask for Help

Stronghold Kingdoms manages to maintain the depth of the game we used that the series provides. In fact, new players won’t quickly figure out how things work in the in-game world. It might take some time, and you might find yourself hitting a wall (I’m not talking about paywall; that is something you will undoubtedly encounter) and having to adjust your tactics.

There are no in-game tutorials. Although that is unusual for a mobile game, the developers made sure that there is an extensive online guide available. Whenever you feel like you could use a tip or need an explanation, feel free to visit the website. It’s a great help, and it will substantially contribute to the overall enjoyment while playing the game.

You Get to Try How It Is to Be a Premium Member

Stronghold Kingdoms does the worst possible thing to a player when it comes to freemium games. It allows you to see what it feels like to be a premium member so that you would know what you are missing. Once you register, your premium account will be valid for 48 hours.

Don’t get me wrong that is a considerable boost that you can use to your advantage. You can use the time given to research for new items, set trade routes and many other things. The problem appears once your premium trial expires and you figure out it’s impossible to play the game without it. The game has an almost impossible difficulty when playing for free. In other words, the game is telling you – pay or get the hell out of here!

Stronghold Kingdoms Unlimited Resources Cheats

I always loved the people that fought the developers and publishers that were greedy, and the only thing they have in mind is our money. Unfortunately, it seems that’s the case with Stronghold Kingdoms. That is why I’m thrilled to announce that there is an alternative to paying them a hefty sum of money. It is the unlimited resource cheat for the game that is available on the website we linked to.

What Does Stronghold Kingdoms Hack Do?

Just like mentioned above, it provides you with unlimited in-game resources. It might take months to build a proper castle and city in Stronghold Kingdoms, but the hack tool can speed up this process. You should consider it if you want to ultimately use the game’s potential and enjoy it to the fullest. There are other cheats, tips and hints out there, but most are very ineffective.

Stronghold Kingdoms Cheats

Login Screen Of Stronghold Kingdoms Hack

The first thing you need to know is that these Stronghold Kingdoms cheats are completely safe to use. Another important note is they are undetectable. We are aware that the developers are on the hunt for those that are cheating and that can lead to getting their accounts suspended. However, this hack is completely safe to use.

Finally, let’s emphasize that the hack generator is free to use. You won’t have to pay a single thing to use it. As I said, it works on all platforms and there are no limits to how much currency you can generate by using them.

How Do These Cheats Work?

You will need both your mobile device and PC to make this hack work. First of all, visit the link above and enter your Stronghold Kingdoms email and choose the OS your mobile device uses. Choose a proxy server in the next step to ensure your anonymity.

Once you get to the resources part, choose the amount for each one you want to add to your account. Now that everything is connected, you simply have to pass a simple last step which is a 100% legit survey that keeps the spammers away (or so the developers say). Stronghold Kingdoms cheat enables you to add unlimited crowns, which are the premium currency of the game.

Stronghold Kingdoms Tool

Adding Crowns To The Account

Aside from that, the hack enables you to enhance other resources, such as food, population, popularity, raw materials, level of honor, and gold. That means that you can improve everything that comes to your mind. And the great news is that it will only take a couple of minutes! So, if you want to enjoy Stronghold Kingdoms and play it the way it should be played, we suggest trying the hack tool right now.

Final Words

This is a complex game with a bunch of content available that can keep players engaged for weeks and even months. The graphics and sound are familiar with the series, and the core concept also remained the same. It’s a shame that the developers decided to go down the path of releasing an apparently freemium game.

It’s just a kick in the nuts to allow the players to feel what it’s like to play the game with all features for a couple of days and then exclude the premium membership. Fortunately, you can use the Stronghold Kingdoms hack to bypass this issue. If you do that, SK becomes an exciting and fun strategy games in which you can transform your hometown into a majestic city and the true capital of your country.

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