Summoners War Hack – Use Cheats to Generate Free Crystals

Summoners War Hack – Use Cheats to Generate Free Crystals

Pokemon seems to have made a true revolution when it comes to collection games. Ever since then, we have seen hundreds of them, and the latest one is Summoners War, developed by Com2uS.  Despite the high number of releases, only a portion of games deserves our attention. That is precisely why I am glad to share that Summoners War raises the expectations and delivers a quality product.

To avoid the freemium model many players choose not to spend any money on the game and use a Summoners War hack instead. Using this hack can generate for you thousands of glory points, mana, and crystals as you can see in our proof below. Throughout this article, you will find out what monsters you should upgrade and what strategies to go for in the early game. You will also see how to use the mentioned hack & cheats tool and get the resources accordingly.


It’s Not the Same Game Wrapped in a Different Package

When you browse the app store, you come across all kinds of games involving collecting monsters. Some of them are clear clones of Pokemon trying to rip us off, while the others use the trading card format to appeal to the crowd. Regardless of the subgenre, we are already used not to expect too much. We can hope that the game we downloaded can provide a couple of hours of fun and that’s it. After all, you can’t expect a lot more from freemium releases.

Summoners War Crystals

Lots of Crystals – Hack Proof

Summoners War does have some things that will look familiar. However, the stable online arena warfare, addictive gameplay, and incredible graphics are the selling points of this fantastic game. Before we start the review, I should emphasize that you shouldn’t mix this release with Summoner Wars. That is an entirely different game that will be our topic some other time.

What’s Summoners War Storyline?

You will play as a summoner (oh, what a surprise!) that needs to complete various tasks with the help of the creatures he can summon. It sounds simple, but it’s a fantasy RPG packed with incredible action and a lot of content.

When it comes to single-player campaign, the storyline is pretty linear, and it serves to get you acquainted with the game mechanics. You will have the opportunity to test various maps, as well as to get to know different monsters available in Summoners War. If you want to gather some more resources and strengthen your creatures, there are optional dungeons you can use for that purpose. Of course, you can also go the easy way and use Summoners War hack tool we shared at the end of the article.

Remember Classic RPG Battles from Consoles?

We had incredible fun in the old days and Summoners War tries to recapture that feeling. The battles are one on one fight, where each unit of the two teams follows a system that is turn-based. Every monster is unique, and their attacks vary accordingly. Each unit can perform a basic attack (with some extra effects if applicable with the character) and unique abilities.

However, you can’t use the special powers of your monsters whenever you please. Instead, there is a bar that needs to fill up before you can use them. That adds the strategic element to Summoners War and contributes to already exciting combat.

Choose Your Element!

You might have also seen the elemental system Summoners War uses before you tried this game. There are a total of five types of elements at your disposal – Wind, Water, Fire, Dark, and Light. Fire, Wind, and Water follow the RPS rule (rock-paper-scissors), where each one has one weaker and one stronger element than it.  As for light and dark, they are used to deal with each other.

All this makes an incredible fusion and the right mix for a fantastic fantasy RPG. Of course, if you are not into tactics, the AI can handle the stress of the battle for you. You can also speed up each battle up to three times. However, let me assure you that you will be missing a lot if you are not actively participating in combat in Summoners War.

The Monster Roster Could Be a Bit Bigger

One of the rare downsides of the game might be that the developers could have put a bit more effort into creating unique monsters. Instead, you can use only a handful of them, but their stats vary depending on the element.  For example, both Water Fairy and Fire Fairy are at your disposal. However, if the creature’s main element is fire, it will focus on performing attacks, while the water type specializes in healing.

Summoners War Monster


It might seem that certain creatures in Summoners War are stronger than the others, but that solely depends on your fighting style. It’s only a question of what types of monsters suit you and what formation you choose for the battle. You can upgrade the creatures by increasing their number of stars, with their strength varying from 1 to 6 stars. That means that an upgraded monster can do just as much damage as a rare one you discover later in the game.

Monster Classes in Summoners War

Aside from various elemental types, there are also various classes available for your monsters. They can be attackers, defenders, supporters, or tankers. It’s essential that you upgrade them to make as a balanced team as possible. A single creature may help you make a significant blow, but only a balanced team can bring you victory in Summoners War.

If you are a beginner, here is a Summoners War tip to keep in mind. Each monster has a page where players can leave their feedback. That means that you can read about the experience of others with a particular creature. That will give you insight and enable you to use the monster to your advantage.

Aside from upgrading your monsters, you will also gather experience that will secure you additional features, such as arena defence or resource fusion. You will need a lot of resources to conduct all upgrades, which is why you should consider using Summoners War hacks and cheats.

3D Graphics in a Free Game; It’s Possible!

Summoners War offers incredible graphics that is very pleasing to the eye. Your hometown is entirely 3D, as well as the dungeons. You can rotate the camera and zoom in on the in-game world any way you see fit. As soon as you zoom in, you will notice the effort the developers put into little details. Both monsters and objects were created with care, as well as the settings of your hometown, including the beautiful trees swinging around.

While we are on the topic of graphics, let’s mention that there are different animations for each monster depending on whether it’s in combat, in an idle state, or it just got the victory. Camera movement once you deliver a crucial blow is also a nice touch.

You Will Need Energy to Fight

You have a stamina bar that you will use for battles. You won’t have problems in the beginning, but you will need to be patient later on while waiting for your energy bar to fill up again. Summoners War will offer special events that you can use to acquire additional resources, experience, and rare monsters. However, sometimes it just won’t be enough. Fortunately, there is a way around it, and you can discover it if you keep reading.

Summoners War Hacks and Cheats

Some nice people worked tirelessly on enabling us to have unlimited resources in Summoners War. They managed to create a hack tool that can add to your account any resource you need. It’s an online generator that is located on the page that can be accessed by the button at the start of the post. Once you head there, you will notice that things are rather self-explanatory.

Summoners War Hack

Generator First Step

However, for those who haven’t used Summoners War cheats before, let me guide you through the process. You get to choose resources you want to be added to your account, and in a matter of minutes, you will be able to use them. Yes, Summoners War hack generator is that simple!

Summoners War Cheats

Generator Third Step

It sounds magical, but the cheats don’t run on magic. That is why you should also enter the platform you use to play the game and your username. That enables the hack tool to connect with your account and safely add unlimited resources to it.

Summoners War Tips

If you are more of a fair play person, perhaps you should stay away from Summoners War cheats and hacks. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use tips and guides located all over the web. For example, a specialized Summoners War website gives an in-depth walkthrough starting from the first chapter. With that kind of guide available, you will be sure that you don’t make a mistake in the beginning and shape up for the important battles to come.

Summoners War Is an RPG Gem You Must Try

Summoners War is an absolute gem when it comes to the mobile RPG market. It’s an incredible fantasy world packed with action while having the monster collection element also involved.  The graphics are amazing, and the animations are well-polished. There is a bunch of content that you can try and the battles themselves are incredibly exciting. A tactical element is nicely incorporated, providing a challenge to the players that love strategy. At the same time, if you prefer automated action, you have the option to speed up or skip the battle altogether.

You can download Summoners War for Android or iOS. Scratch that, you need to download this game today and see just how great it is! So, head to the app store and try it immediately.

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